Paris to Shut Bars and Start Working From Home

Paris to Shut Bars and Start Working From Home

We learned that Paris would shut all of its bars from Tuesday, and the government is raising the alert to a maximum after the high infection rates. These restrictions will last for two weeks.


France has reported 12,565 cases so far. Marseille closed its bars from last week. The infection rate exceeded 250 per 100,000 people. It seems that at least 30% of intensive care beds are kept for COVID-19 patients.


The prime minister stated: “These measures, indispensable in the fight to curb the virus’ spread, will apply to Paris and the three departments immediately surrounding it, for a duration of two weeks.”


The restaurants will need to implement new sanitary arrangements if they want to stay open. University lecture halls should be only half full. The restaurants will need to collect everybody’s data and shut at 22:00. People will also start to work from home again. Closing bars will be quite difficult for the people, since “We are French, we love to drink, to eat, to live, to smile and to kiss each other.”


Back in September, Marseille has closed all of its restaurants, bars, and gyms for a period of two weeks. Museums, theatres, and cinemas were also closed. They could get open if the staff introduces strict anti-viral measures.


What do people say about the measures?


Of course, the measure was not a pleasing one for everybody – local officials stated they were not consulted. However, France found it quite challenging to contain the rising rate of infection – which is in continuous growth since late August.


As of now, there are 17.000 infections. The country is doing its best to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, even if not all the people are pleased with the decisions. 






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