Parent’s Approval Won’t Be Needed for Vaccinating Children 12 and Up for COVID, According to California Bill

Parent’s Approval Won’t Be Needed for Vaccinating Children 12 and Up for COVID, According to California Bill

There are still a lot of vaccination skeptics out there, whether the authorities accept it or not. Many of them are especially against the idea of vaccinating children, but according to a California bill, their consent for vaccinating their children might not be needed anymore.

The intriguing information comes from The Hill. The publication writes about a new bill introduced to the California Senate that would allow some kids to get vaccinated without needing parents’ approval. Among the diseases targeted by those vaccinations, there’s also COVID-19.

Get ready for SB 866

SB 866 was introduced by state Sens. Scott Wiener and Richard Pan. The bill will go into effect January 1st, 2023, if the California Legislature passes it and Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign it.

Credit:, torstensimon
Credit:, torstensimon

Authorized vaccine providers who have state licenses are the only ones who can lawfully distribute vaccines.

Scott Wiener motivated the bill by declaring the following, as quoted by Los Angeles Times:

This is about empowering teenagers to make decisions on their own health and their own safety,

Almost a million California teenagers are unvaccinated, and for a lot of those teens it’s because their parents either refuse to get them vaccinated or they have not yet gotten around to it.

Ani Chaglasian, a 17-year old girl who tried to convince her parents to get vaccinated, declared as quoted by the same source:

There are a lot of students who would utilize this bill,

There are vaccine pop-ups at our school and they could do this without having to deal with backlash in their families.

It’s interesting to see how the bill will be perceived by the public in California and other parts of the globe if they choose to express their thoughts. However, we’re encouraging you to reveal your own opinion on the subject in the comment section!


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