Outbreak Of The Deadly Nipah Virus Recorded In India

Outbreak Of The Deadly Nipah Virus Recorded In India

The Nipah virus has spread in the southern region of India, Kerala, and medical experts are trying tirelessly to prevent it from spreading. A 12-year-old kid in India has died after being infected with the Nipah virus. A week before, the kid had a severe fever, and he was hospitalized. His blood samples have been submitted to the National Virology Institute, where testing has established the Nipah virus.

Other cases were already detected there. The Indian state has intensified the attempts to track contacts, locate, quarantine and screen anyone who may have contacted the boy. A total of around 188 people were close contacts of the boy. Approximately 20 were regarded as being significant risks. Those people were quarantined or hospitalized.

“We observe [fruit bats] here and in Thailand, in markets, worship areas, schools, and tourist locations like Angkor Wat – there’s a big roost of bats there. In a normal year, Angkor Wat hosts 2.6 million visitors. That’s 2.6 million opportunities for Nipah virus to jump from bats to humans annually in just one location,” explained Veasna Duong, head of virology at the Institut Pasteur research lab in Cambodia.

As per the CDC, the Nipah virus, not linked to COVID-19, is a fatal virus that may transmit among people and animals. Asian outbreaks commonly take place in India or Bangladesh. Fruit bats are usually the source of this virus. It can then spread to people or pigs. Typical symptoms include fever, headaches, cough, and vomit. They can be quite similar to flu symptomps or even symptoms of COVID-19.

Nipah is regarded as less infectious than coronavirus, but Nipah is a serious reason for concern by virologists seeking to anticipate and avoid the future pandemic, as Nipah has a considerably greater fatality rate, prolonged incubation time of up to 45 days, and its potential to infect a far wider range of animals. Moreover, there is no cure for the virus.

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