Omicron: Parents Too Afraid for Their Children Change Their Life Radically

Omicron: Parents Too Afraid for Their Children Change Their Life Radically

As the Omicron variant spreads around more and more, parents are getting more and more worried about their children. And it’s getting difficult for them to keep it under control.

Kids like playing with other kids, and spending time in the park, and it might be hard to make them wear masks. And with the highly contagious variant spreading at a fast pace, parents are wondering when it’s too unsafe for their children to be outside?

Experts say that Omicron causes less severe disease, and there are not many hospitalizations, but it is far too contagious. And on Tuesday, nearly 718,000 COVID cases were reported, and the new variant stands for more than 90% of the U.S cases. And because it is easy to transmit from one person to another, it means that children will also get infected at a faster rate.

This surge in cases has put children in the hospital – during December 27 and January 2, about 672 kids were admitted daily. Even if they are surrounded by vaccinated adults, they can still catch the virus. Masks can prevent transmissions, and putting them on children will definitely help in keeping them safe.

Pfizer stated that two doses are not enough to protect children ages 2 to 4. Researchers are currently working on a new way to keep children safe.

Officials advise parents to avoid unnecessary travel, and to make sure that the daycares and preschools respect the recommended precautions.

Parents are afraid to celebrate their little one’s birthdays. Some of them don’t even take them running errands anymore. They’re afraid for their children’s safety, as well as the safety of grandparents. Many chose to stay at home for the holidays, as it seemed too risky.

Will parents decide to vaccine their children? As of now, only time will tell.


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