Omicron Can Still Infect Those Who Are Vaccinated for COVID – Here’s Why

Omicron Can Still Infect Those Who Are Vaccinated for COVID – Here’s Why

There are a lot of skeptics out there in the world when it comes to COVID vaccinations, and they can’t be ignored. One of the reasons they prefer to be likewise is that people still get infected with the coronavirus despite getting vaccinated.

The Omicron variant is now the biggest reason why COVID is spreading. Europe is currently dealing with hundreds of thousands of infections, and can easily confirm that if you take a look. Countries such as France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, and more are flooded with coronavirus infections.

Therefore, the ultimate questions arise: how come you can get infected with the Omicron variant of COVID despite getting vaccinated for the coronavirus?

Omicron can bypass vaccines

The reason is simple: vaccines can’t offer one hundred percent protection. That’s what Dr. Jeffrey Jahre claims, who is an infectious disease expert from the St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania, as he told WNEP-TV.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The expert explained the following:

What was the main purpose of the COVID vaccine, is the same way that we look at an influenza vaccine, and that is to keep one away from the most serious consequences of getting the disease. What we are speaking about there is hospitalization and obviously very severe hospitalization and in intensive care unit and also tragically, death. In that situation, the COVID vaccine has been very good at doing its job.

As expected, Jahre says that vaccination, included with a booster dose, remains a good idea. He also considers that disregarding the Omicron strain should be out of the question.

It’s not anything new that Omicron is able to bypass COVID vaccines and infect even those who have natural immunity against the disease. These aspects were known by experts from the start.

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