Obese Children Need Proactive Treatment

Obese Children Need Proactive Treatment

There are many ways that a child can become obese, and most of them involve eating too much and not moving enough! For example, if a child spends all day sitting in front of the TV or playing video games, they’re not burning many calories. On the other hand, if they’re constantly snacking on junk food and sugary drinks, they’re taking in a lot of extra calories that their body doesn’t need.

To avoid obesity, it’s important for kids to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. So if you want to keep your little ones slim and trim, make sure they’re getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, and encourage them to play outside and stay active! So, a child can develop obesity if they don’t eat a healthy diet, don’t exercise regularly, and spend too much time sitting in front of screens.

Proactive evaluation and treatment for obesity in the case of children and teenagers is a ‘must’

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issues new guidelines regarding obesity during childhood, and it states that kids and teenagers should receive proactive evaluation and treatment, according to Yahoo News.

The AAP also considers that obesity shouldn’t be stigmatized and that it can be the result of social, genetic, or environmental factors rather than individual choices.

Dr. Sarah Hampl from Children’s Mercy of Kansas City, said in a statement, as Yahoo News quotes:

Weight is a sensitive topic for most of us, and children and teens are especially aware of the harsh and unfair stigma that comes with being affected by it,

Our kids need the medical support, understanding and resources we can provide within a treatment plan that involves the whole family.

Did you know that obesity in children is becoming more and more common these days? In fact, it’s reached epidemic proportions! But there’s a silver lining: because of this trend, kids are now taller and heavier than ever before, which means that when they grow up, they’ll be able to ride the biggest and fastest roller coasters without any problems.


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