Oakland County Lakes Are No Longer Safe Because Of Dangerous Algae Blooms

Oakland County Lakes Are No Longer Safe Because Of Dangerous Algae Blooms

Algae blooms are usually found in the warmest period during summers but the hot weather accelerated their growth and due to no strong winds to mix them with the lake water, the level of algae has become harmful.

When they bloom, they contain a toxin, called HAB, which looks like an oil film across the surface of the water. If it looks green, then it’s harmful to humans and animals.

The health officials from Oakland County have warned the locals to avoid contact with the algae and also keep their pets away from it. Algae are a nature’s gift too, consuming CO2 and purify the waters, but they may also cause illness.

If however, someone has come in contact with algae, they might have some reactions such as rashes, blisters, runny eyes, allergic reactions, sore throat, severe diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain, problems with the liver function, kidney toxicity, numbness, dizziness or difficulty in breathing. Toxic algae can also cause death.

The public has been warned through posts which were placed on the shores of the two lakes and recommend these actions:

Do not drink the water, no matter if it or it doesn’t contain algae blooms.

Even if you boil the water, the toxins will still be there.

Do not disobey the sign posts that are placed on the beaches regarding health advice.

Do not let children or pets play or drink the lake water.

Do not drive your boat at high speeds, do not swim or water-ski in the lake when the algae bloom is.

Do not come in contact to the lake water.

Do not water gardens, lawns and other areas with HAB infected waters.

Do not use algaecides to kill the algae blooms because you do more harm, releasing toxins into the water.

Try not to eat fish from the lakes which had algae blooms. If however, you eat it, eat the fillets after you cleaned them in clean waters and dispose of the guts and liver.

It is very important to be cautious in order to avoid getting yourself or others sick.


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