NYC Controversial Underground Parties Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic – Cool Kids Are Cheering The Virus

NYC Controversial Underground Parties Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic – Cool Kids Are Cheering The Virus

The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly changed life as we used to know it. What was normal until a few months ago it’s a mere memory…for some us.

For others, life seems to get back to normal, at least, so it seems at first glance.

As the pandemic raged through New York City, this doesn’t seem to have turned off the lights completely. 

Regardless of the orders that highlighted the need to shut down all nonessential businesses to help to slow down the spread of the virus, it seems that all kinds of underground parties are popping up. 

The latest reports allege that patrons of controversial underground parties were not practicing social distancing or wearing masks while the virus was rapidly spreading and starting to hurt the health care system.

Young people cheer the virus at underground parties 

Fox News reveals that the cool kids at these parties were doing shots while cheering the virus. Here are some quotes cited by the website.

“What’s wrong with hanging out amongst ourselves? I don’t know any old people!” a kid said. “We’re young. We’re not the target,” another purportedly said.

The novel coronavirus hit New York City really badly, and it hit worse in the poorer part of the population, according to the latest data that’s been released by the city the otheer day.

Fox News also noted that “Of the area’s roughly 12,400 residents, 76 have been killed by the virus. Nearly 63 percent of the people living in the ZIP code are black. It is also the ZIP code with the largest percentage of older people in the city, likely a contributing factor to the high fatality rate.”

Just the other day, we were debating whether the novel coronavirus can be transmitted via the eyes

Other than that, experts came up with an idea for a mask that would “capture and deactivate” SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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