Nurse Without Health Problems Dies Two Days After Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

Nurse Without Health Problems Dies Two Days After Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

The death of a 41-year-old nurse who worked at a hospital in Porto is triggering many concerns. At only 48 hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer, the woman suffered a ‘sudden death’ at her partner’s home in Trofa, the municipality from the north of the Porto metropolitan area. An autopsy is expected to take place, as the father of the deceased person firmly demands answers.

The sad news of the nurse’s death is brought by Daily Mail, and the person didn’t suffer any adverse side-effects after the vaccination. Her name was Sonia Acevedo, and you can see her below:

Sonia was a mother of two children, and she worked in pediatrics in Porto, at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology.

No health problems for Sonia Acevedo

The nurse’s father, Abilio Acevedo, declared for Portuguese daily Correio da Manha:

She was okay. She hadn’t had any health problems.

The members of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology are also sad about the loss, and the institute issued the following statement:

With regards to the sudden death of an operational assistant from the Porto IPO on January 1, 2021, the Board of Directors confirms the event and expresses sincere regret to family and friends in the certainty that this loss is also felt here.

Sonia Acevedo had worked for more than a decade at a national and international reference health institution in treating cancer, research, and education. The woman lived with her family in Maia near Porto.

Portugal is also struggling with terrifying numbers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The country reported a total number of infections that surpass 427,000, and over 7000 of its citizens died. Luckily or not, the country reports a relatively small number of daily deaths caused by the ongoing pandemic, with a maximum amount of 100 people.



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