Nurse Gets Arrested After Accusation of Giving Fake COVID Vaccines

Nurse Gets Arrested After Accusation of Giving Fake COVID Vaccines

Despite the fact that authorities continue to add a lot of faith in the vaccination campaign to stop the spread of COVID across the world, not everyone shares the same view. While everybody has the right to an opinion, faking vaccinations is against the law and an awful act.

According to The Guardian, a nurse from the Italian city of Palermo was arrested by the police after allegedly giving fake COVID vaccines. The nurse’s clients were anti-vaxxer activists who obviously needed fake proof of vaccination to access different venues and public transport.

A hidden camera was used

The nurse was filmed using a hidden camera so that she can be seen as she was apparently loading up a COVID vaccine dose and emptying the syringe into a tissue. She was further pretending to inject the substance into the people’s arms.

The nurse is 58 years old, and she was working at an inoculation center.

The investigators say that those who protested against the vaccines were willing to pay up to 300 euros.

Leopoldo Laricchia, the Palermo police commissioner, declared as quoted by The Guardian:

We have uncovered the dark and fraudulent plots of these diehard, no-vax people who do not hesitate to break the law,

This investigation also shows how, unfortunately, there are still unvaccinated health workers who work in hospitals in close contact with patients.

The government from Italy has introduced at the end of 2021, in December, the rule that those willing to access restaurants, gyms, stadiums, restaurants, and other venues will have to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. Many residents of the European country had complied with the rule, but obviously, others tried to avoid it in illegal ways.

According to Our World in Data, 76.1% of Italy’s population is fully vaccinated for COVID.

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