Not Everyone Should Receive The COVID-19 Vaccine – See if You’re On The List

Not Everyone Should Receive The COVID-19 Vaccine – See if You’re On The List

After a long wait, the world finally has a COVID-19 vaccine. But there will always be skeptics out there, although many people had been eagerly asking for months about a vaccine to fight the pandemic. Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or you just have too much faith in your own health, you have one more reason to be happy: the COVID-19 vaccine is not recommended for everyone.

Frontline health care workers and long-term care residents are the first groups that should be vaccinated for the deadly pandemic virus. But according to a new study of the Mayo Clinic, certain groups out there shouldn’t get the long-awaited vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not for pregnant women and those operated for bone marrow transplant

Besides pregnant women and those who have undergone a bone marrow transplant, people who have to deal with severe allergies should be cautious as well. But the problem is even more complicated than that, as the vaccine developed by Pfizer is also expected to have a requirement based on age. Dr. Virk from the Mayo Clinic says:

We don’t know what FDA’s cutoff is going to be and whether they’re going to allow us to use 16 as the cutoff. There are plans to study children between 12 and older but that has not been done yet.

However, this doesn’t mean the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t safe, according to health officials.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is approaching its end, the overall numbers of worldwide infections and deaths are horrifying. There are over 71 million infections and almost 1.6 million deaths throughout the world because of the pandemic virus. The US remains the most affected country, and it reported a record number of deaths for Wednesday, December 9: 3,263 people. There’s a total of over 300,000 souls that left this world from the US because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the numbers will keep growing.


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    I don’t need a doctor or any other authority advising me on whether I need to, or should not have a vaccine or any other medical procedure. I am completely capable of doing my own research and making an evaluation for myself as to what is right for me. This vaccine developed by Pfizer is horrifying and the research behind it has proven this type of technology to be, just that, for the past 20 – 30 years. For those who have not done their homework, they will pay a heavy price for their folly. And, those who have instigated this monstrosity will be counting their money and laughing.

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    Not sure if I will be available for me to get vaccine because I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis and do get REMICADE TREATMENT every two week —I heard that anyone who had RA should not be vaccine because of our immune system—is this true ????


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