North Korea’s First Reported COVID Outbreak Begins – No Vaccines Available in the Country

North Korea’s First Reported COVID Outbreak Begins – No Vaccines Available in the Country

COVID vaccination is considered by health experts the best method to fight against the coronavirus. Even so, North Korea is one of the two remaining countries on the planet that don’t have such vaccines. 

The news comes from Microsoft Start, and the bad news is far from over. According to the same source, North Korean officials finally admit that COVID has begun spreading in their country.

COVID begins to spread in a population of approx. 25 million

The COVID outbreak that just began in North Korea was associated with the Omicron variant (BA.2), which is known to be significantly more contagious than the initial strain of the coronavirus. A number of 350,000 people in the Asian country are suspected to be infected after they’ve manifested symptoms of fever, and one person died. That’s a huge number, at least considering the fact that about 25 million people live in North Korea.

Eritrea, a country located in northeast Africa, is the other country on the planet that lacks any COVID vaccines. A number of about six million people live in Eritrea,

J. Stephen Morrison, who is director of the Global Health Policy Center from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, explained as Microsoft Start quotes:

North Korea, with a huge immunity gap — no protection acquired with vaccines or prior infections — is an open field for uncontrolled transmission, which maximizes the odds of new variants.

Until now, the virus causing COVID-19 has killed over 6.2 million people worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, according to

For a long time, experts believed that the North Korean government refused to admit that the Asian country was already dealing with COVID. It’s a pretty justified assumption, considering that the virus causing the disease travels by air. 

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