Norovirus Infection Cases Were Linked To A Doughnut Shop In Maumee, Ohio

Norovirus Infection Cases Were Linked To A Doughnut Shop In Maumee, Ohio

Norovirus is a virus which can spread through food which came in contact with an ill or recently ill person or through contact with other infected people. The virus is also called food poisoning and it’s mostly a nuisance that goes away in a few days.

The outbreak happened in Maumee, Ohio at a doughnut shop named Mamma C. The number of affected people reached 190 but there’s also a possibility of more infection as it can spread from an infected patient to a healthy one.People who had the virus can spread it even two weeks after they lose any symptom. The symptoms can be abdominal pain, body aches, diarrhea, headaches, mild fever and vomiting.

The health department took samples and they came positive for norovirus. The shop closed for cleaning and solving the issue, working with the people from the health department so that they can find out the cause of the outbreak, sanitize and clean everything. The shop has been opened for 14 years and the couple who owns it declared that their customers are like family.

The small business just got to be unfortunate to house the virus. Although everything is clean, the norovirus could have come from a customer who carried in the virus by touching a table. And as it is a public space and a lot of customers come and go, it’s difficult to keep everything in control.

The virus is common in the summer time and the officials recommend the ill people to avoid handling food when they’re ill and after their symptoms disappear.

The officials have declared that the restaurant will have to be closed for a few days in order to solve the sanitation and remove all traces of the infected areas.

A good way of avoiding to get the virus is to thoroughly clean hard surfaces and wash your hands.



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