No Masks on Public Transport in This Country, Despite Thousands of Daily COVID-19 Infections

No Masks on Public Transport in This Country, Despite Thousands of Daily COVID-19 Infections

Wearing a facemask as much as we can is one of the best ways to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and authorities from across the world are urging their citizens to apply this easy method. But it seems like some people out there aren’t willing to wear a mask in precise situations, although their country has over 200,000 total infections.

The country in question is Sweden, where thousands of infections with the COVID-19 disease are reported daily since the end of October. The country also has a death toll of 6,406 souls. But even so, the Public Health Agency from Stockholm doesn’t seem to be afraid of COVID-19.

Swedish authorities don’t recommend wearing a mask during public transport

Sweden is not among the numerous countries that are recommending people to wear a mask during public transport. The explanation, as issued by Karin Tegmark Wisell (the head of the Public Health Agency in Stockholm), goes as following:

We don’t see that we are at a point where we might recommend general use of face masks on public transport,

Face masks shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to keep a distance.

Airborne infection is a reality we can’t defy, although the risk is lower than if people make physical contact with one another. Face protection and ventilation are both playing important roles in slowing down the rate of infections with COVID-19 as long as people are using them. 

Even since the first wave of the pandemic in Europe, Sweden was known for not imposing restrictions similar to the other European countries. The Scandinavian country now follows pretty much the same recipe: its government didn’t inflict widespread lockdowns, and it didn’t close restaurants and schools. Ultimately, perhaps the best way to defeat the pandemic is by a strict individual behavior – avoiding crowds, frequently washing hands, and of course: wearing a mask. 




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