New York Prepares to Lift Mask Mandate for Schools

New York Prepares to Lift Mask Mandate for Schools

More and more people complain about wearing masks in a world where the COVID pandemic doesn’t have the same force as when it started roughly two years ago. In the beginning, children were thought to have the strongest immune systems in the face of the coronavirus. 

According to New York Post, Kathy Hochul, the Governor of New York, announced that mask mandates from public schools across the state will be lifted. This is great news for children, as they won’t need to keep their faces covered anymore.

The measure applies starting this Wednesday

Starting on Wednesday, the new measure will start be applying across schools from New York. New guidelines had been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Therefore, local governments would be justified to bring their own mask requirements for schools, according to Hochul’s statements for Albany.

The Governor declared as the New York Post quotes:

Given the decline in our rates, our hospitalizations, strong vaccination rates and the CDC guidance, we, friends, the day has come,

Today we are going to be announcing that we’ll be lifting the statewide mask requirement in schools, and that’ll be effective this Wednesday, March 2.

The USA remains the hardest-hit country in the world by the COVID pandemic. According to data revealed by, the USA counted over 85.5 million infections caused by the coronavirus since the pandemic started. Furthermore, more than 973.400 people died as a result of infection with the virus.

The New York Gov. also stated, as also cited by the New York Post:

We will not stand for any bullying or ostracization or harassment of an individual or a business or anyone who chooses to wear a mask,

We’re going to continue distributing masks, we’re going to continue distributing test kits. We’re going to continue our aggressive vaccination strategies.

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