All new updates on ticks and Lyme disease

All new updates on ticks and Lyme disease

While the number of humans with Lyme disease is increasing, Ingham Country officials are sharing their concern with the community.

In Michigan, five countries have been dealing with a spread in the tick population. The insect carries the Lyme disease and ever since 2015, the authorities have been dealing with this issue.

Reactions on behalf of the local authorities

The increasing number of patients being bitten by ticks carrying Lyme disease is increasing, therefore authorities decided to spend over 24,800$ in advertising and giving advice to the general public. They plan to use commercials, billboards, pamphlets and park mini conferences.

        How the spreading of the Lyme disease works

Ticks are insects which feed on mammal, birds and some other creatures’ blood. They wait for their prey on a bush or a leaf on the ground and when a host passed by they attach themselves to it. Ticks’ eggs transmit a spirochete bacterium. This bacterium is the one that causes the Lyme disease. It is more likely to get the disease if the tick spends more than 36-48 hours attached to the host.

      Prevention steps

In order to avoid getting bitten by ticks, long-sleeve shirts and pants are recommended. Also insect repellants (with DEET) and constant checking are important prevention steps. To remove a tick is recommended to go to a doctor, also if you develop a fever or a bull’s eye rash around the bitten area. If left unattended, the infection spreads to the heart, nervous system and joints; leading to pain, swelling of your joints, facial droop, inflammations of the brain and heart palpitations.

Other prevention tips include wearing hats, socks, shoes and light color clothing. During shower, it is recommended to pay attention to any bite marks. Also wash your clothes after a walk in the part and walk in the middle of trails.


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