New Terrifying Estimations Reveal That COVID-19 Hits the USA a Lot Worse Than Reported

New Terrifying Estimations Reveal That COVID-19 Hits the USA a Lot Worse Than Reported

The US confronts one of the darkest eras in the country’s history, as the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t care if someone is rich, poor, old, or young. Over 25 million people got infected with the coronavirus in the USA, as USA Today News reports.

According to an influential coronavirus model, the more frightening aspect is that the true number of infections with COVID-19 in the world’s most affected country is a lot higher.

Over 50 million infections in the US

50 million infections might be the true number of COVID-19 infections from the US, meaning about 17% of the country’s population. The conclusion belongs to researchers from the University of Washington. They also claim that the US is likely identifying only half of the COVID-19 cases.

The horrifying predictions are not over, as the same researchers estimate that the US will report around 168,000 COVID-19 deaths until May. As for the present, there are 429,490 deaths caused by the coronavirus in the USA. It’s obvious that 169,000 deaths in three months mean a lot more pressure on healthcare workers and the ICU beds.

According to BBC, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported its biggest increase over a 24-hour span for COVID-19 vaccinations in the US for Friday: about 1.6 million vaccine doses were administered.

About 22.4 million COVID-19 vaccine shots had been given to people living in the US, and many more individuals will be added to the list. The world’s most affected country by the pandemic is using the vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. Both drugs have shown great results during the clinical trials, assuring an efficacy of about 95%.

As for the rest of the world, the overall numbers also look frightening: 99.8 million infections worldwide and more than 2.1 million deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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