New Study Suggests Possible Connection Between Heart Health and Taking Care of the Household in Elderly Women

New Study Suggests Possible Connection Between Heart Health and Taking Care of the Household in Elderly Women

Keeping our hearts healthy over the decades is surely no child’s play, as it requires a lot of good care and, a lot of times, even medical attendance. Having an active life has long been associated with good overall health, but a new study’s findings might surprise you.

Scientists from the University of California discovered that women who get involved in taking care of the household have healthier hearts compared to those who don’t do likewise. Activities include cleaning the house, cooking, or gardening, according to Daily Mail, the publication telling the world about the study.

5,500 women observed in the new study

The new study followed the behaviors of 5,500 women of ages between 63 and 97 years old as they had been wearing gadgets that track their movement for a week. It was found that at least four hours a day of enough movement cut the death risk from a heart attack or stroke by roughly two-thirds. Those types of movements were nothing but simple household activities, as mentioned earlier. This is surprising considering that previously, scientists believed that only more demanding activities were needed to make people maintain a healthy heart.

Dr Steve Nguyen, who’s the author of the new research, stated as Daily Mail quotes:

The study demonstrates that all movement counts towards disease prevention,

Spending more time in daily life movement, which includes a wide range of activities we all do while on our feet and out of our chairs, resulted in a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, we now know that a great way to maintain a healthy heart for us is to just be as active as possible, and it doesn’t care too much how exactly we choose to do it.

The new research was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

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