New Study Reveals That Alcohol is Much More Harmful Than Previously Thought

New Study Reveals That Alcohol is Much More Harmful Than Previously Thought

Many of us consume alcohol these days for various reasons – social interactions, feeling more energic and in a good mood, or just for the sheer pleasure of tasting it. While many researchers believe that it’s nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption and that the habit can even provide some health benefits, a new study done at the University of Oxford is raising the alarm. tells us about the new study led by Anya Topiwala, who is a senior clinical researcher at the University of Oxford, that brings very bad news for the numerous people who consume alcohol. Even if we consume alcoholic drinks in small amounts, it can have a negative impact on our brain’s health.

Alcohol consumption can damage the brain, regardless of the amount

The new research analyzed data from over 25,000 people who participated in the Biobank study of the UK. They were asked how much alcohol they drink, and their brains were scanned.
Alcohol consumption was linked to the grey matter present in the brain, meaning regions that affect how decisions are made. The grey matter decreased according to the amount of alcohol the participants were drinking. It was also found that people who were drinking any amount of alcohol had less grey matter than the participants who declared not to drink at all. What’s even more frightening is that the researchers concluded that it doesn’t matter if you drink wine, beer, or liquor – your brain will still be negatively affected in pretty much the same way.

The researchers were crystal clear in their study by stating:
“No safe dose of alcohol for the brain was found.”
They also added that “moderate consumption is associated with more widespread adverse effects on the brain than previously recognized.”
While emphasizing that alcohol consumption could lead to dementia in some cases, Anya Topiwala pointed out one important aspect:
“Given that we have no cure for diseases like dementia, prevention is key.”
The new research is an observational study that wasn’t peer-reviewed yet.


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