New Study Finds the BA.2 COVID Variant More Severe for Children

New Study Finds the BA.2 COVID Variant More Severe for Children

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic still seems far from over, and the BA.2 variant now likely represents the biggest threat. Also known as a subvariant of Omicron, BA.2 is now believed to be more severe than other COVID variants if it infects children, according to a new study that CNN tells us about.

There’s also some good news, as the same study concluded that BA.2 isn’t also likely to lead to serious outcomes in the case of the little ones. Kids from Hong Kong were assessed for the new study. 

Americans have higher chances of being safe

The US should be even safer in the face of BA.2, considering that the huge numbers of infections from the country have led to some level of immunity.

Dr. Beth Thielen, who’s a pediatric infectious disease specialist from the University of Minnesota, explained as CNN quotes:

I think it’s a little hard to know what that will look like here, where probably a large fraction of our population has been exposed at some point before either to Delta or BA.1.

According to information brought by, more than 81.5 million infections with the coronavirus have occurred in the US since the start of the pandemic. More than one million deaths caused by COVID were also reported, and the number of those who recovered from infection with the virus exceeds 63.8 million souls.

BA.2 is a subvariant of the Omicron variant, one that has been causing a lot of infections worldwide. Omicron has been spreading significantly faster than the other variants of the virus, and it doesn’t represent such a major threat right now. The world has a lot of ways to tackle COVID in the present, regardless of the variant, but the WHO still warns us all to remain cautious.

The new study is available as a preprint, and i’s important to keep in mind that the results are preliminary.

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