New Study Claims That You Can Get Long-Term Neurological Damage After Mild COVID Infection

New Study Claims That You Can Get Long-Term Neurological Damage After Mild COVID Infection

Authorities keep telling us that there’s no fooling around when it comes to COVID-19 infection, even if you experience a mild form. As for now, we have new reasons to believe otherwise. 

According to, Yale University researchers come to shatter the hopes of those who hope that they’ll easily get rid of a mild COVID infection if it occurs. If they get the coronavirus, they could be dealing with lasting neurological symptoms.

Avoid COVID infection if you don’t want lasting neurological damage

The new study in question claims that neurological damage can occur after COVID infections that are considered mild. In other words, the new study is practically telling us that we all must obey the rules and restrictions as much as possible since COVID infection is nothing to be taken lightly. Even if you’re a strong, young, and healthy individual, you can still get the infection.

The researchers made an experiment on mice, giving the tiny animals a mild respiratory infection with the coronavirus. They further examined the infection’s impact on the rodents’ little brains.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Dr. Akiko Iwasaki, the leader of the new research, explained as quoted by

And what we found is that even with a very mild infection, which we really cannot measure any disease phenotype in these mice, we still saw some significant damage in the cells of the brain,

This means that even a mild respiratory infection could lead to neurological symptoms; that’s based on the damage that we see.

Unsurprisingly, the same doctor stated that those who deal with severe illness are at higher risk of cognitive impairment.

Dr. Iwasaki also declared, as cited by the same source:

Whether it be affecting, you know, the nervous system or the GI tract or the respiratory tract, the long COVID can affect so many multiple organ systems,

And currently, we don’t understand how long COVID happens. And if we don’t understand that, we won’t know how to treat these diseases better. So ultimately, we want to understand the underlying mechanism of disease, so we can come up with a therapy to treat these patients.

We’re eager to find out more about the new study in the future!

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