New COVID Variant Under Investigation is Detected in 40 Countries

New COVID Variant Under Investigation is Detected in 40 Countries

Everybody was hoping that in 2022, we’ll finally get rid of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While we still cannot completely rule out the scenario, as 2022 has just began, it seems that COVID is going through some new transformations, making it impossible to predict how it will all end.

According to The Hill, 40 countries are seeing cases of COVID infection with a new variant known as BA.2. To be more precise, we’re talking about a subvariant of Omicron, the variant that’s known to be spreading faster than previous strains of the coronavirus.

Over 10,000 infections across the world

The BA.2 variant has infected a total of over 10,000 individuals around the world. From the dozens of countries that have seen cases of the new COVID variant, we can find the USA, Germany, the UK, Australia, etc.

Some countries are even dealing with increasing numbers of cases of infection with the new BA.2 variant: Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are on the list.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The new variant appears to be spreading pretty fast, which is concerning for everyone. In Norway, for instance, seven cases were reported on January 4. But in just 15 days, that number went all the way to 611 cases.

BA.1, on the other hand, is the commonly known Omicron variant.

The WHO stated via its website:

The BA. 2 descendant lineage, which differs from BA. 1 in some of the mutations, including in the spike protein, is increasing in many countries,

Investigations into the characteristics of BA. 2, including immune escape properties and virulence, should be prioritized independently (and comparatively) to BA. 1.

Researchers still have a lot to find out about the new COVID variant. They aim to find out how fast it spreads, how ill can the infected person become, and so on. There’s no wonder why UK Government officials labeled BA.2 as a ‘variant under investigation’ as of January 21.

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