New Covid-19 Warning For Men: The Virus Invades Testicles; What Does This Mean?

New Covid-19 Warning For Men: The Virus Invades Testicles; What Does This Mean?

The whole planet is fighting with the second wave of coronavirus, and people are freaking out with every passing day, learning more and more details of what the novel virus can do.

It’s important not to panic, but understand all the effects that the coronavirus and the disease Covid-19 trigger so that we can become more motivated in staying safe and fighting the virus.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of reasons to celebrate these days because, lots of patients are getting better thanks to viable treatments and the Pfizer vaccine is on the right track, turning out to be 90% efficient.

More than that, it’s been just reported by the online publication The Guardian that the Observer’s science editor, Robin McKie, talked to Anushka Asthana about the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine. We’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports. 

Anyway, back to new effects that the virus has on the human body.

Covid-19 can invade tissue in the testicles 

It’s been just revealed by the online publication Miami Herald that the novel coronavirus can invade the tissue in the testicles in some men who are infected, according to a study that’s been led by a team of experts at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. 

The UM study was published Tuesday in The World Journal of Men’s Health.

“These findings could be the first step in discovering COVID-19’s potential impact on male fertility and whether the virus can be sexually transmitted,” said the study’s lead author, Dr Ranjith Ramasamy.

More than that, it’s been revealed “the presence of COVID-19 in testis tissue of a patient who recovered from the virus. The finding is novel, remarkable, and certainly worthy of further exploration,” Ramasamy said.

This could cause testicular pain, and patients who are experiencing testicular pain should see a doctor ASAP. We also suggest that you check out the complete article, in order to learn all the available details about the patients who experienced this effect. 

Also, it’s been just revealed by Ketamine Institute that ketamine may have a new role in combating the cytokine storm that’s associated with severe Covid-19 infections. 

In other recent news, Elon Musk has something to say about the coronavirus tests: “bogus!” 

Make sure to also check out some updates coming from Musk regarding the accuracy of coronavirus PCR tests. 

You should also check out Bill Gates’ latest prediction about the new world after coronavirus. 

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