Natural Remedies For Vitiligo – Red Clay, Ginger, Turmeric & More

Natural Remedies For Vitiligo – Red Clay, Ginger, Turmeric & More

Vitiligo is a chronic condition characterized by the total or partial destruction of melanin. Although causes remain unknown, the immune system no longer recognizes its own cells and attacks them.

The factors that produce this imbalance in the body include stress, burns or other traumas suffered by the skin. The presence of another autoimmune disease (Hashimoto thyroid, diabetes mellitus, lupus, psoriasis) in the body can also cause depigmentation.

People who are affected by this disease must avoid sunlight. The spots appear isolated, symmetrically on both sides of the body or asymmetric; can affect both the retina and the area of the genitals, neck, elbows, knees, mouth, both inside and outside. The evolution of these spots is unknown and it is different for every person.

People affected by this disease need emotional support because self-esteem and self-confidence are affected; it may cause depression.

Vitiligo Natural Treatments

Put some Psoralea Corylifolia seeds in ginger juice and let them soak for 3 days. Then remove the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia and let them dry. After they dry, add 1 gram of this remedy in a glass of milk. You should do this treatment daily.

Also with Corylifolia Psoralea, you can prepare a lotion. Add black cumin, dwarf root, and coconut oil. You have to apply the remedy to the areas affected daily for 6 months and you will see the difference.

Drink ginger juice, either as a single treatment method or in combination with red clay. If you only opt for ginger juice, you should take this remedy twice a day. If you combine red clay and ginger, you need to apply the paste to the damaged skin. Consume foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B12.

Turmeric, beneficial to the skin

This spice has the ability to restore skin pigments naturally. For a natural turmeric treatment you need:

453 grams of turmeric

225 grams of ginger root

the juice obtained from a lemon

Mix all ingredients in a jar. Store the jar in the refrigerator and consume 2 teaspoons of the mixture before each meal. Another option is to prepare turmeric tea and apply it directly to the skin.

Reduce the consumption of red meat and meat products

Put your fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, outdoor sports classes or long walks into your diet, adopt a healthy lifestyle while maintaining optimistic thinking.


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