Mysterious Disease Blinding Birds Disappears Suddenly

Mysterious Disease Blinding Birds Disappears Suddenly

During this summer, birds were dying mysteriously across Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Kentucky after neurological issues. People began to worry for obvious reasons.

The issue of birds getting sick disappeared suddenly. According to officials with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, residents from the northern and northwestern regions of Washington DC can now feel free when it comes to setting out bird-feeders once again.

COVID-19 was ruled out

A team of scientists from the East Coast began investigating the situation to track down the source of the birds’ disease. If by some chance, somebody suspected coronaviruses making the birds ill, they can forget about the idea. The scientists involved in the study rule out a few possible causes, including coronaviruses, avian influenza, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and the West Nile virus.

Cliff Ballena, who is the sergeant of animal control from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, responded to a call regarding one jay having “big bug eyes”. The man didn’t see something like that in years of working in animal control. Only two hours later, a co-worker of Ballena has found another bird in the same situation. He said, as quoted by The Washington Post:

First you think it might be normal,

But when you start getting third or fourth calls, that’s when it starts to bring up red flags that something else is going on.

A wildlife rehabilitation official had some success when it comes to getting rid of the eye issues of the birds using antibiotics. Luckily, none of the animal control officers from the region have shown signs of getting sick.


Source: The Washington Post


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