MS Tingling vs. Anxiety Tingling: What’s the Difference?

MS Tingling vs. Anxiety Tingling: What’s the Difference?

Many of us have the sensation that an insect is crawling on our skin from time to time, only to find out that there’s actually nothing there when we check with our eyes. That is the tingling sensation, an extremely common but otherwise bothersome symptom. In many cases, such tingling will only be benign and temporary.

If you’re asking to yourself what could cause tingling, well, first of all, welcome to the club! All of us have asked ourselves such questions, but thanks to the amazing medical world, we have some answers!

Tingling could be the outcome of pressure on our nerves when our arm is crooked under our head during our sleep, for instance. Tingling might also occur due to pressure on nerves when we cross our legs too long.

For today, we’ll add special attention to anxiety tingling and MS tingling. Thanks to OptimistMinds (, we can learn about the differences between them!

The biggest difference lies in the duration and constancy

When it comes to comparing anxiety tingling to MS (Muscular Sclerosis) tingling, the biggest difference lies in the duration and consistency. In other words, tingling that’s related to anxiety will last for a shorter amount of time than MS tingling.

If you’re dealing with MS, symptoms can get worse and worse rather than just going away. As for the symptoms that have to do with anxiety, they can last for hours, as the worst-case scenario. Their duration can only be limited to a few minutes.

You also need to remember that MS will likely have a much more significant impact on your life than just by inducing you the tingling sensation. If, on the other hand, you believe that you have anxiety rather than MS, you also shouldn’t neglect the former condition. Anxiety can turn out to be quite disturbing, and there are ways to cure it out there.


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