Mpox Risk Goes High In Case of Summer Gatherings, the CDC Warns

Mpox Risk Goes High In Case of Summer Gatherings, the CDC Warns

Perhaps anybody knows that summer gatherings can pose a certain level of risk for the spread of diseases, depending on several factors. Outdoor gatherings can also generally offer better ventilation and more space for physical distancing, which can help reduce the transmission of illnesses. However, close and prolonged contact with others, especially in crowded areas, can still increase the risk of transmitting infectious diseases.

The specific danger varies depending on the disease in question, its way of transmission, and the prevalence of the disease within the community. Respiratory infections such as COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold can be transmitted through close contact, respiratory droplets, or aerosols. Therefore, crowded gatherings with limited ventilation are more risky.

Summer gatherings could trigger a “resurgence” of monkeypox

According to ABC News, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) warns about the potential risk of the spread of mpox cases during summer gatherings. They fear that a ‘resusgence’ of the disease could start.

The good news is that mpox cases have plummeted since the virus had its peak back in the summer of 2022. The WHO put an end to the emergency phase. 

John Brownstein, PhD, the chief innovation officer from the Boston Children’s Hospital, and who’s also an ABC News Contributor, stated:

While the transmission of monkeypox has reached its lowest levels since its emergence last year, the upcoming summer months, characterized by larger gatherings, present an increased risk of local outbreaks.

A person could get infected with monkeypox in several ways. For instance, that person could get it through direct contact with infected animals. Those animals include rodents such as squirrels, rats, and monkeys. Handling or consuming the meat of the animals that are infected, or coming into contact with their bodily fluids or lesions, can lead to transmission of the virus.


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