Mother Receives an Amazing Present from Mothercare for Her Son Who Has Autism

Mother Receives an Amazing Present from Mothercare for Her Son Who Has Autism

Steph Opogah was amazed when she received a box full of her son’s favorite shoes. Her two-year-old boy no longer had colorful trainers, as they became too small for his feet. As she went to get new ones, she realized that there were no longer at the store.

Little Bird Shoes – A Young Boy’s Favorite Shoes

As the young boy was absolutely in love with his trainers, he wouldn’t wear anything else than his favorite shoes. He didn’t let any other shoes touch his feet and became frightened when his mother tried to make him wear something else.

The boy started crying and screaming the store. Steph Opogah went to talk with the staff at the local branch and they suggested her to call the head office and make them change their minds, to not discontinue the shoes.

She called the head office at Mothercare and the kind staff was overwhelmed by her plea. Steph said in a Facebook post that ‘a kind lady told me she would do her best to help.’

They sent a giant box of colored trainers so that her son can happily wear them for the next years. She called back to ask how she can pay for them and Mothercare said that they were a gift.

The Kind Gesture to Help Steph Opogah in Her Journey

The chief customer office at the Mothercare, Andy Harding stated that they are happy Steph Opogah received the help she needed and that he is very proud of the employees ‘took the initiative to arrange this kind gesture’.

Steph Opogah reached out to the social media and posted a long message of her story, at the end thanking Mothercare for helping her and being so kind.

She also said that her journey, in a family that has a member with Autism is difficult, but the journey is much easier when ‘there is kind helping hands and hearts out there.’


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