More UK Inhabitants Must Watch Out for “Flesh-Eating” Sexually Transmitted Infection

More UK Inhabitants Must Watch Out for “Flesh-Eating” Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sure, getting engaged in sexual intercourse with somebody can be one of the most pleasant things in the world. But the price you would have to pay could be too high and a burden too heavy to carry. Those living in the UK now have to face a flesh-eating sexually transmitted infection that spreads faster than before, as a new article from USA TODAY NEWS tells us.

The infection is also able to cause “beefy red” ulcers, which is another symptom that’s not to be neglected.

Watch out for the donovanosis rise!

Donovanosis is the infection in question, and it’s caused by the Klebsiella granulomatis bacteria. Some of the symptoms are thick sores in the genital region of the victim’s body, and it will also lead to progressive damages for the body tissue. The disease has caused more and more infections since 2016. However, the number of infections is still significantly low compared to those caused by other STIs, but even more cases could appear. For 2019 alone, only 30 cases of infection with donovanosis existed in the UK.

Dr. Melinda Pettigrew, who is a professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, declared for USA TODAY:

Donovanosis is still extremely rare,

But any increases in numbers are potentially concerning. Sexually transmitted infections are often undiagnosed and there may be missed infections so the true number could be slightly higher.

The doctor also brings some bad news for those living in the US. She reveals that the spread of the infection in the country is also a scenario to take into account.

However, Dr. Pettigrew sees the disease as being “extremely rare”. Donovanosis has been called “flesh-eating” not because it actually eats flesh, but due to the fact that it presents a scary appearance for its “beefy red” ulcers that emerge on the skin.


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