More and More Young Americans Deal With Strokes

More and More Young Americans Deal With Strokes

You might be tempted to sit on the fence when it comes to reading about the dangers of stroke for young adults. What’s tragic, however, is that even teenagers can deal with strokes that can leave them with significant health issues.

According to Fox News, recent reports show that the risk of a stroke gets higher and higher in the case of young adults from the US. The American Stroke Association brings the terrifying statistics. The association reveals that for the past three decades, there has been an increasing number of strokes happening in individuals aged 49 and even younger.

Nobody knows the reasons for the surge

While the exact reasons for the trend remain unknown, some doctors believe that changes in people’s lifestyles could be a contributing factor. One example is Daniel Gainer, who had to deal with a stroke when he was only 29 years old. His case highlights the unexpected nature of strokes in the case of younger individuals. Fortunately, prompt medical intervention was enough to save his life, but the case serves as a reminder that strokes can occur at any age.

The American Stroke Association emphasizes the importance of stroke awareness and encourages younger individuals to be familiar with the warning signs for such a condition, such as speech difficulties, face drooping, arm weakness, and the need to call emergency services immediately.

Dr. El-Ghanem explains as Fox News quotes:

In my opinion, it’s more of the unhealthy life that we’re living. A lot of junk food, unhealthy food, people tend not to exercise, because of work and their busy lives.

Additionally, some doctors suggest that the neglect of healthcare and regular doctor visits during the COVID pandemic may have played a role in the increased occurrence of strokes in the case of young adults.


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