More Americans To Buy Bitcoin With Their Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Amidst New Mutation Terror

More Americans To Buy Bitcoin With Their Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Amidst New Mutation Terror

The coronavirus vaccines are being deployed all over the world these days, and people are looking at 2021 with hope than to these and due to all kinds of amazing treatments that have been able to tackle Covid-19, the disease triggered by the novel coronavirus. 

Not too long ago, we revealed great news about a drug that can STOP the spread of coronavirus in just 24 hours.

Also, new info about an important Wuhan virologist popped up, and news about a mutant coronavirus strain in the UK terrified everyone, having them analyze whether the vaccines could work against this one as well. 

Second effort to help Americans

In other recent news, NBC News just reported that the House just passed a massive Covid-19 relief package and government funding bill. This is Congress’ second effort in 2020 to help Americans who have been struggling very hard during this pandemic.

According to NBC News, “the outcome had been all-but-assured after congressional leaders struck a deal late Sunday to provide $900 billion in aid, including a new round of stimulus checks and an extension of unemployment benefits for Americans.”

They also announced that “the legislation passed the chamber 359 to 53 and now moves to the Senate, which is also expected to pass it.”

People to buy more Bitcoin with second stimulus checks

Financial experts are expecting to see even more people investing their stimulus package in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Just in case you don’t know, Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of 2020.

Note the fact that when the pandemic hit hard, Bitcoin fell below $4,000 and at the moment it lingers above $23,000, after being able to hit more than $24,000 recently – this is a new all-time high for the digital asset.

Back in April, Forbes was noting that Americans were using their stimulus to buy Bitcoin, and now history might repeat itself. 

Then, an industry CEO has referred to the circumstance all over the world as a “perfect storm” for Bitcoin. More than that, former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya said that there is now an increased chance a single Bitcoin could eventually be worth millions of dollars one day. 


Crypto Twitter is filled with all kinds of predictions and people who have been making big money after buying Bitcoin with their stimulus check in Spring. Let’s see what happens when the second one drops. 


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