Moderna Vaccine Investigated For Heart Inflammation Risk

Moderna Vaccine Investigated For Heart Inflammation Risk

Health officials of the United States are now looking into the Moderna vaccine and its possible connection with the risk of heart inflammation. Back in June, a warning was issued that the mRNA vaccines do have a chance of heart inflammation, mostly for young men, but the chances are extremely low. Back then, a military study revealed that the rates of heart inflammation were higher than expected. However, the conclusion was that the benefits outweigh the risks, as heart inflammation cases are infrequent.

This was not the only time Moderna was connected with heart inflammation risk. Back in July, the European Medicines Agency observed this very rare side effect for Pfizer and Moderna, which was more common in young men. Moreover, myocarditis and pericarditis are two conditions that were associated with the vaccines.

According to the study, there were 138 cases of pericarditis and 145 of myocarditis out of 177 million doses of Pfizer and 19 cases of pericarditis, and 19 of myocarditis out of 20 million doses of Moderna. Moreover, EMA also found that five people died, but all of them had health conditions or they were elderly.

“A consistent pattern of cases occurring more frequently in young males and shortly after the second dose of the vaccines. These reports are extremely rare, and the events are typically mild with individuals usually recovering within a short time with standard treatment and rest,” concluded the EMA back then.

Heart inflammation symptoms include a heartbeat that pounds, as well as breathlessness and chest pain. While experts continue to recommend the vaccines, and the side effects are very unlikely, it is important to remain aware of the symptoms and see a doctor if you get any of them after the vaccine.

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