Moderna HIV Vaccine – Human Trials Could Begin This Week

Moderna HIV Vaccine – Human Trials Could Begin This Week

After a striking success in the fight against the novel coronavirus, Moderna is preparing to begin testing its experimental mRNA-based HIV vaccine as soon as 19 August, as suggested by a recent submission to the US National Institutes of Health Clinical Trial registry.

The initial test will imply 56 healthy adults between 18 and 50 who don’t have HIV and will look into the safety of the vaccine plus the natural immune response.

The vaccine candidate is mostly similar to the mRNA system that was used in the anti-COVID vaccine.

The potential of mRNA vaccines has been analyzed over the past few years, but the most widespread and successful iterations are the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

Both vaccines have proven themselves extremely safe and efficient at decreasing the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

Moderna will be testing two forms of the new possible vaccine, dubbed mRNA-1644 (mRNA-1644v2-Core), which is officially the company’s first vaccine against HIV to be tested in humans.

Four groups will be implied in the trial – Half of them will receive a mix of the vaccine versions, while the others will be receiving the others.

In the current phase, the trial isn’t entirely “blind”, meaning that every individual will know what vaccine they are getting.

That is due to the fact that the scientists aren’t working on figuring out how efficient the vaccine is.

The initial phase will take roughly ten months, and they are looking forward to registering a basic immune response.

If the vaccine performs adequately, a second and third phase of testing will follow on broader groups.

In contrast to traditional, old-fashioned vaccines, which normally include part of a weakened virus or inactive virus, mRNA vaccines work via a so-called “instruction booklet,” which is passed into the cells and instructs them to produce fragments of particular proteins that can be found on the outside of the virus.


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