Millions of Chickens From the State of Iowa Will Be Killed to Prevent Further Bird Flu Spread

Millions of Chickens From the State of Iowa Will Be Killed to Prevent Further Bird Flu Spread

Although people don’t usually get infected with bird flu, it’s a good thing to always act cautiously. However, there had been reported in the past some rare cases of bird flu occurring in humans, and some people even died as a result of the illness.

According to, more than 5 million chickens from the American state of Iowa will have to be killed in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus causing the flu. Also, an egg-laying farm from Buena Vista County of the state of Iowa has been confirmed to be contaminated with bird flu. 

Sacrificing about 12.6 million poultry

According to the same source mentioned above, almost 12.6 million chickens and turkeys from at least eight American states were killed or will be killed soon. 

There’s also an explanation for what could be causing the spread of bird flu. Droppings or nasal discharge of wild birds that are infected are to blame. Thus, soil can become contaminated.

Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say about bird flu:

Avian influenza or bird flu refers to the disease caused by infection with avian (bird) influenza (flu) Type A viruses. These viruses naturally spread among wild aquatic birds worldwide and can infect domestic poultry and other bird and animal species. Bird flu viruses do not normally infect humans.

The spread of bird flu was also a threat for European and Asian countries back in November 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed some important data about the transmission of bird flu to humans:

More than 700 human infections with Asian HPAI H5N1 viruses have been reported to WHO from primarily 15 countries in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Europe and the Near East since November 2003. Indonesia, Vietnam and Egypt have reported the highest number of human HPAI Asian H5N1 cases to date.

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