Michigan Doctor Revealed How Most of Their Combative COVID-19 Patients Ended up Dead

Michigan Doctor Revealed How Most of Their Combative COVID-19 Patients Ended up Dead

As a Michigan doctor penned a Facebook post earlier this month speaking of the aggressive and combative responses he experienced from eight of his patients who were going through severe cases of COVID-19, six of them died.

On Sept. 11, Matthew Trunksy, a Michigan pulmonologist, published eight incidents in the preceding two days in which patients declined to follow his medical expertise.

The post has reached 3,000 engagements and has been shared by over 1,400 accounts so far.

In a recently published interview with The Washington Post, Trunsky explained that six of the eight patients he spoke of in his Facebook post have since passed away.

“We are physically tired as a whole, me included, and we are emotionally exhausted. I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t see someone pass away,” he stated.

In the Facebook post, Trunsky explained that one patient who claimed that he was “too healthy” and didn’t have Covid was actually fighting for his life.

Numerous patients requested medication that hasn’t been officially approved for treating COVID-19, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Another patient said that they’d “rather die [than] take the vaccine,” to which Trunsky responded in his post by writing, “You may get your wish.”

Trunsky added that the wife of one patient who died due to COVID was firm on her belief that she’d “never feel comfortable recommending the vaccine for family and friends.”

If you want to follow the whole thread and read more of Trunsky’s observations and the public’s reaction, you can do so here.

Trunsky expressed his frustration with the numerous patients who he can no longer recall due to the high number of cases he’s treated, which makes him sad.

It’s unfortunate that medical professionals have to waste their time with such patients that don’t want to listen to reason.


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