Mice Get Rid of Depression Due to LSD Variant, New Experiment Shows

Mice Get Rid of Depression Due to LSD Variant, New Experiment Shows

While depression is one of the most widespread problems in our everyday society for us humans, you should keep in mind that those poor little mice are also having such problems. 

A new experiment having mice as the protagonists shows that an LSD variant can treat their depression, even without making the animals go through ‘trips,’ according to the New York Post. The experiment obviously grants hope to humans suffering from depression.

The ‘best’ and ‘most potent’ properties

Mice received two ‘best’ and ‘most potent’ properties that exist in the researchers’ library of molecules.

Dr. Bryan Roth, the author of the study and also a professor of pharmacology at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine explained, as the same source mentioned above quotes:

We found our compounds had essentially the same antidepressant activity as psychedelic drugs [but] they had no psychedelic drug-like actions at all. 

Surely you’re wondering how scientists could determine if a mouse is depressed or not, as the little rodent cannot speak. Actually, it’s pretty easy. It all lies in how resilient the mouse is in the face of a possible threat. If a mouse gives up fast when he’s dangled by his tail, for instance, it’s an indicator that he’s depressed. But if the mouse is on antidepressants, he would continue to struggle.

Brian Shoichet, a University of California pharmaceutical chemistry professor, said, as the New York Post also quotes:

Society would like a molecule that you can get prescribed and just take and you don’t need a guided tour for your trip.

At least when it comes to humans, it’s well-known that depression can be a complex condition. Plenty more time is needed to find out if the study on mice can benefit us in any way.

The new research was published in Nature.


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