Medical Workers Drop Lawsuit Filed Against Henry Ford Health System for Vaccination Mandate

Medical Workers Drop Lawsuit Filed Against Henry Ford Health System for Vaccination Mandate

This case was created after President Biden’s new extensive vaccination requirement, stating that an immunization mandate violates the rights of employees. After the vaccine mandates, which compelled all staff to get the COVID  shots, the case against the Henry Ford Health System was abandoned. The south east health care provider in Michigan was the first hospital in Michigan to proclaim at the end of June that all of its staff needed COVID-19 vaccines. Employees have to be completely vaccinated until 10 September or would not be allowed to come back to their jobs.

Many Republican officials claimed this approach would encourage private firms and employees to fight the law legally, but specialists in health law warned it might be accepted in court.

OSHA is a federal agency that has the authority to regulate businesses, and particularly large employers, to protect workers against disease. It can mandate, for example, that workers have to wear certain safety goggles to protect against injuries and take certain steps for injury prevention. It is, therefore, historically, well within OSHA’s purview,” Peter Jacobson, professor of health law at the University of Michigan.

 According to the letter sent to the medical staff by Dr. Adnan Munkarah and Bin Riney, employees who have not yet received vaccines but are committed to getting the vaccine right away or those who have a planned appointment for vaccination can avoid a suspension or dismissal.

Biden stated this week that a new emergency order by OSHA mandates that all companies with over 100 employees be either completely vaccinated or testing once per week. Vaccination is compulsory without any test options for federal workers, contractors working with the government, and those working in Medicare and Medicaid institutions.

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