Massive COVID Rules-Related Protest Leads to Clashes in Brussels – Watch Footage

Massive COVID Rules-Related Protest Leads to Clashes in Brussels – Watch Footage

Roughly 50,000 upset people marched across the streets of the Belgian capital Brussels and protested against COVID rules that the authorities are rooting for. The situation led to significant clashes, such as the protesters throwing stones and the police firing tear gas and water cannon, as reveals.

The protesters are upset about the Covid Safe Pass that’s required for accessing various venues. The protest has been the largest one in Brussels in the last several months. The clashes began near the headquarters of the European Union.

The organizers had even called for people from other EU states to join the protest. This isn’t surprising at all, considering that there are still large amounts of people in all countries who aren’t willing to get vaccinated for COVID. The protesters consider the imposing of COVID vaccination as being an infringement of human rights.

Francesca Fanara, who has come to the protest from Lille in northern France, declared as quoted by

What has been happening since 2020 has allowed people to wake up to corruption.

Judging by news from the past, people who aren’t willing to get vaccinated for the coronavirus are invoking reasons such as the side effects of the jabs, not enough studies being held upon them, or the lack of trust in authorities and the medical system.

Belgium is not the only country hit by protests related to COVID rules. Despite massive protests occurring in Austria, the country has approved a vaccine mandate for its entire adult population with some minor exceptions. Germany even announced a while ago that it is considering following suit. Those exemptions of the rule include people who have certain medical conditions that don’t allow them to get vaccinated, pregnant women, or if someone has recovered from illness with COVID in the last six months.



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