Man From the US Dies After 43 ICU’s Didn’t Receive Him Because They’re Full of COVID Patients

Man From the US Dies After 43 ICU’s Didn’t Receive Him Because They’re Full of COVID Patients

It seems that the burden of COVID patients flooding the ICU’s from the US is too hard to bear. According to, there are over 25,000 COVID patients in severe/critical situation.

Daily Mail brings another terrible news: a 73-year-old man from Alabama died of heart failure after 43 ICU’s were too full of COVID patients to have any place for treating him.

Ray DeMonia died after being transported to the only hospital that had an available ICU bed

Ray DeMonia is the person in question, and he was from Cullman, Alabama. He passed away after being transported roughly 200 miles away to the only ICU that had a bed available: one in Meridian, Mississippi. Forty-three hospitals across three states couldn’t find an ICU bed for him because the units were overwhelmed with COVID patients.
DeMonia died shortly after he arrived at the Rush Foundation Hospital.


Danne Howard, who’s Deputy Director at the Alabama Hospital Association, declared as quoted by Daily Mail after the death of Ray DeMonia:

We’re certainly not trending in the right direction,

That’s why we’re so aggressively trying to find additional resources, so those decisions don’t have to be made, so those type of life-or-death situations are not something that have to be faced.

Also, according to, there had been over 41 million COVID infections on the United States’ territory since the very first outbreak of the coronavirus. The same source claims that over 677,000 people lost their lives in the fight with COVID.

However, there is also some good news regarding the pandemic situation in the US. Although there’s currently a flood of infections with the Delta variant, over 31 million COVID patients have been recovered.


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