Man Dies Of COVID-19 Only Days Before His Wedding

Man Dies Of COVID-19 Only Days Before His Wedding

A man from Indianapolis lost the battle with COVID-19 at the age of only 34 and only 9 days from his wedding!
The man named Jeff Lee took to his Facebook page on October 23 to tell his friends that he had been rushed to the hospital after collapsing.
He also mentioned that he was dealing with “deathly low oxygen levels” as a result of his infection with COVID-19.
Lee had previously been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease known as Berger’s Disease, which is why he was at a high risk of developing serious complications upon contracting the virus.
Less than a week after he was first hospitalized, his fiancée, Elizabeth Roller announced the tragic news of his death, on October 28.
She told the Indianapolis Star that she and her fiancé were both well aware that if he caught COVID, it would be a big “issue” because of his previous diagnosis.
“Unfortunately, our fears were met,” she went on to say.
As for whether or not he was vaccinated, Roller refused to disclose.
Lee was a reserve officer for the Hope Police Department and had been diagnosed with Berger’s Disease back in 2018.
Since then, he was undergoing peritoneal dialysis every day, a treatment that can weaken the patient’s immune system a lot, making it really difficult to fight infections such as the COVID-19 virus.
That being said Jeff Lee passed away only 9 days before his wedding at the age of only 34.
Roller told the publication that her fiancé was “always positive no matter what,” even while fighting the illness.
Sure enough, in his initial Facebook post on October 23, Lee mentioned that he was “fighting like hell to avoid being put down and going on a ventilator. I have a lot of things to look forward [to] in life. I’m not going down without a fight.”
Sadly, going on a ventilator could not be avoided but Lee’s optimistic spirit never waned.
He posted a picture while hooked on the machine, in which he could be seen giving a thumbs up to the camera.
Lee’s passing came only days after the world reached a total of 5 million COVID-19 deaths.


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