Kidney Disease Could Be Around the Corner If You Manifest This Apparently Meaningless Symptom

Kidney Disease Could Be Around the Corner If You Manifest This Apparently Meaningless Symptom

When we’re speaking about chronic kidney disease, we have to realize and accept that repairing the damage that has already been done to the kidneys is impossible. However, those suffering from it can be able of living long lives without being very affected.

There are plenty of symptoms that could indicate the presence of kidney disease in our bodies. We must not worry too much if they appear, but rather be thankful that our bodies are telling us that there’s something wrong. Seeking medical attendance is a must if certain symptoms appear. Therefore, there’s a chance you may be suffering from kidney disease if you manifest symptoms such as blood in urine, tiredness, shortness of breath, insomnia, poor appetite, weight loss, and more. But there’s another symptom that we’ll be presenting today, and you might have never taken it seriously before.

Itchy or dry skin could indicate that you have kidney disease

According to, dry and itchy skin is one of the common indicators of the presence of advanced chronic kidney disease (ACKD). Kidney Care UK reveals that about half of ACKD patients experience pruritus, meaning the need to itch.

Nidhi Sukul, MD, who is the author of the new study, declared in a press release the following, as cited by

One of the main goals of managing chronic disease is alleviating symptoms; however, this is only possible when we are aware of the suffering patients endure,

This research gives us a uniquely international look at how important it is to ask our patients with chronic kidney disease if and how they are affected by pruritus.

However, it’s important to remember that there could be plenty of other reasons for experiencing pruritus other than kidney disease. Allergic diseases, eczema, and asthma are all on the list.


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