Ivermectin Continues to Cause Polemics: Judge Rules That Ohio Hospital Cannot Use the Drug to Treat Covid

Ivermectin Continues to Cause Polemics: Judge Rules That Ohio Hospital Cannot Use the Drug to Treat Covid

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan 2019, doctors, health workers, researchers, and people alike have been trying to identify the best treatment for Covid, infected patients. The FDA has approved monoclonal antibody treatments, such as Sotrovimab, to help patients with severe symptoms. The lab-made proteins help the immune system fight the virus by blocking it from entering human cells. However, many have also praised ivermectin, a drug used to treat and prevent parasites in animals, specifically horses, as a promising treatment against Covid-19 on humans. The FDA, the CDC, and many international health organizations do not approve ivermectin to treat or prevent the infection with the new coronavirus. Even so, those who are desperate to save their loved ones would be willing to use any treatment. 

An Ohio Covid-19 patient received ivermectin as treatment

In July, Jeffrey Smith, aged 51, was admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the virus. Because his condition was severe and required intubation, his wife wanted the doctors at the West Chester hospital to use ivermectin and treat him. The idea came after an Ohio doctor, Fred Wagshul, prescribed the treatment for her husband, who had less than a 30 % survival rate. Jeffrezţs wife sued the hospital because doctors did not want to use the drug. A judge granted her wish, and the husband received the treatment. 

An Ohio judge ruled against forcing hospitals to use ivermectin and other unapproved drugs to treat patients

Following Jeffrey Smith’s case, another Ohio judge ruled yesterday that ivermectin has not been approved to treat the new coronavirus and that public policy should not allow doctors and hospitals to use any drug on humans. Judge Michael Oster Jr. from Hamilton County Common Pleas declared he sympathizes with Smith’s family, but experimental treatments should not be administered to humans in hospitals. 

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