Is It Ok to Not Get Vaccinated for COVID if You Have a Healthy Lifestyle? Scientist Brings the Answer

Is It Ok to Not Get Vaccinated for COVID if You Have a Healthy Lifestyle? Scientist Brings the Answer

A lot of people are tempted to say that there’s no need for a COVID vaccine as long as they eat right, do some workout, and have a good health condition. Richard Bloomer, who is Dean of the College of Health Sciences, University of Memphis, brings his own view on the subject, as revealed by Yahoo News.

Richard Bloomer is also adhering to a healthy eating program by minimizing sugar intake and consuming a lot of whole foods. He has been studying nutrition for almost two decades.

Nutrition alone won’t keep you protected from COVID

The scientist says it very clear, as quoted by Yahoo News:

While eating right can favorably impact the immune system, it is not reasonable to expect that nutrition alone will defend against a potentially life-threatening virus.

Bloomer also said, as cited by the same source:

Yet, when it comes to COVID-19, this thought process is abandoned by some who believe that a healthy lifestyle will substitute for the vaccine, without seriously considering what the vaccine actually does to provide protection against the virus – something that a healthy lifestyle alone simply cannot do.

The vaccination campaign keeps working across the world, although not everybody is willing to accept it yet. According to info brought by Our World in Data, 44.8% of the planet’s population has been vaccinated for the coronavirus with at least one of the needed doses.

Also, the same source reveals that 6.2 billion vaccine doses had been administered worldwide, while 25.77 million doses are currently administered every day. Medical researchers continue to add a lot of faith in the vaccines, and there’s no wonder why. reveals that a total of 233.6 million infections with COVID occurred since the first outbreak of the virus more than 18 months ago.


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