Is It OK to Get the Flu Vaccine and COVID Booster at the Same Time?

Is It OK to Get the Flu Vaccine and COVID Booster at the Same Time?

It’s that time of the year again when the flu season is approaching. Therefore, a lot of people are preparing to get vaccinated for the influenza virus. At the same time, vaccination for COVID remains a good option to consider, and info brought by Our World in Data reveals that many people are still reluctant when it comes to the coronavirus jabs.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirms that it’s time to get vaccinated for the flu. Despite the fact that COVID keeps spreading and getting vaccinated for the coronavirus should be a priority, getting a vaccine for the flu remains a good idea.

COVID vaccine boosters and third shots received approval

COVID vaccine boosters, as well as third shots, were approved for some people from the US. Obviously, some are wondering if it’s OK to get both shots, meaning the COVID booster and the shot for the flu, in the same visit.

Tim Heider, who is a spokesperson of the Oregon Health Authority, said it loud and clear as quoted by


People can get flu shots and covid shots at the same time and in the same place!

According to, there has been a total of over 232 million infections and more than 4.7 million deaths caused by COVID since the very first outbreak of the virus. Also, let’s look at the bright side: according to the same source: a number of over 208.7 million people who suffered from COVID infections had recovered.


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