Indoor Mask-Wearing Will Become a Thing Again While FDA Nears Approval for the Pfizer Vaccine

Indoor Mask-Wearing Will Become a Thing Again While FDA Nears Approval for the Pfizer Vaccine

Starting on Monday, an indoor mask mandate will be reinstated in Washington state, and, as per the latest reports, it may be the day the FDA grants complete approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

For many restaurant/bar/shop/gym owners, it feels like history is repeating itself, as the situation is awfully similar to last year.

Outlet owners claim that people will again pretend not to know the mask-wearing rules even though most of them do.

As more tourists are swarming in such public places, store owners are reporting that a vast part of them are unvaccinated and also not wearing masks.

Owners are also worried that residents won’t be keen to revert to the mask-wearing days.

However, some owners are addressing the situation in a more serious way by requesting proof of vaccination as a condition to enter stores.

Vaccination rates across the United States have pretty much stalled, but some officials are still optimistic that, at some point next week, the Pfizer vaccine will receive full approval from the FDA, which may motivate more people to get vaccinated.

Official data suggests that in Stevens County, only 29% of the eligible individuals have begun getting vaccinated.

Dr. Joshua Liao, an Associate Professor of Medicine from the University of Washington, stated:

“That thoroughness is really important if, in fact, we hope to see an uptick in vaccination […] I do think this will help,” as he believes that the Pfizer approval will motivate more citizens to get vaccinated.

It is believed that hesitancy and resistance to the vaccine will remain prevalent in the country, but Liao says that the FDA approval will translate to numerous beneficial impacts, including motivating people to get booster shots.

Health officials estimate that a booster shot will be required eight months after getting fully vaccinated.

“In the coming months, there will be many Americans that have an option to get that third shot. They’ll be reassessing that decision and that’s a different decision. That decision is about do I get the third shot in context of me getting the first two,” Liao added.


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