India Reports the Highest Amount of COVID Deaths of Any Country Since the Start of the Pandemic

India Reports the Highest Amount of COVID Deaths of Any Country Since the Start of the Pandemic

While the US and some European countries are reporting fewer daily COVID infections and deaths, and experts are even talking about the end of the ongoing pandemic, India is reporting apocalyptic numbers. On Tuesday, the Asian country reported over 4,500 deaths because of the coronavirus over a 24 hour period.
The terrible news about India’s record is brought by The New York Times, and the previous deadliest day due to the ongoing pandemic was reported by the US back in January when 4,468 COVID patients left this world, and hopefully, for a better one.

4,529 COVID deaths in India reported on May 18

What’s even more frightening is that some experts believe that the true number of COVID infections and deaths from India is a lot higher than reported. After all, we’re talking about a country that counts over 1.4 billion inhabitants.
Some of India’s urban regions like Mumbai and New Delhi are reporting fewer infections than before, but the coronavirus is spreading more in the countryside. The reasons are deductible: the medical infrastructure is significantly underfunded, and the number of tests available is limited.
For the deadliest day since the COVID pandemic started, the number of infections reported by India on Tuesday, May 18, is also terrifying: 267,174 people were infected with the coronavirus, according to Since the start of the pandemic, the Asian country reported a total number of 287,101 deaths because of the coronavirus and a total number of infections that exceeds 25.7 million.
2021 is much worse than 2020 for India when it comes to the pandemic situation in the country. Over 40 million people from India were fully vaccinated against COVID.


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