Improving Memory for People Suffering From Dementia Could Be Possible Using a Six-Minute Treatment

Improving Memory for People Suffering From Dementia Could Be Possible Using a Six-Minute Treatment

Dealing with dementia isn’t easy, and an alarming number of people across the world have to struggle with it. There is estimated that there are about 55 million people living with dementia worldwide.

But as treating dementia surely isn’t easy, a new study that Yahoo Life tells us about grants hope that the memory issues caused by the disease can be improved using a six-minute treatment. Scientists from the Durham University in England are those confident in their study claiming the miracle treatment.

Better sleeping pattern?

The method is pretty sophisticated. Participants were asked to wear a helmet that triggers infrared light into the brain. One thousand three hundred sixty-eight joules of energy are injected for each of the treatment cycles. This way, most of the chemical energy needed for nurturing the biochemical reaction in the cells will receive stimulation.

Tracy Sloan, a participant in the study, declared as quoted by Yahoo Life:

I wasn’t sure it would make a difference, but to be honest I think it did. After a few weeks I noticed that my sleeping pattern was better, I felt more relaxed and I had more energy.

The researchers are also confident that their treatment could improve the condition of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Paul Chazot, who is co-leader of the study, declared as also quoted by Yahoo Life:

We’ve shown what appears to be real improvements in memory and other neurological processes for healthy people when their brains are exposed to a specific wavelength of infrared light for consistent, short periods of time.

However, Chazot admits that what his team has done is a pilot study and that even more research is needed.

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