If You’re Not Vaccinated, You’re More Likely To Get Infected With COVID-19 More Than Once

If You’re Not Vaccinated, You’re More Likely To Get Infected With COVID-19 More Than Once

There has been a high amount of ambiguity during the Coronavirus pandemic over the longevity of the immunity from SARS-CoV-2 infection for a person who does not have the vaccine. A team of experts led by academics at the Yale Public Health School and at Charlotte’s University of North Carolina is now answering this question: the immunity that follows an infection does not last long.

“We tend to think about immunity as being immune or not immune. Our study cautions that we instead should be more focused on the risk of re-infection through time. As new variants arise, previous immune responses become less effective at combating the virus. Those who were naturally infected early in the pandemic are increasingly likely to become reinfected in the near future,” explained Alex Dornburg, co-leader of the study.

In 3 months or even faster, re-infection can easily occur. Those naturally infected should therefore be vaccinated. Previous infections on their own can provide very little long-term protection from future infections.”

The research was also the first to establish the risk of re-infection after spontaneous infection and not vaccination. The Lancet Microbe journal published this research. Even quickly after recovery, the scientists stated that re-infections might and did occur. And when immunity falls, and new SARS-CoV-2 types emerge, they will become increasingly frequent.

The data model of the research indicates remarkable parallels between SARS-CoV-2 and endemic viruses over a period of time to the risk of re-infection. Like in the case of ordinary colds, you may become reinfected with the same virus from one year to the next. The distinction is that COVID-19 has been far more lethal throughout its emergence during the current epidemic.

The findings underline its major significance in guiding decision-making and give a key step towards a strong understanding of our chances of COVID-19 resistance.

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