Hutchinson County Has the First Case of West Nile Virus

Hutchinson County Has the First Case of West Nile Virus

The West Nile virus is still alive and well and recently the Hutchinson County had its first case. And reportedly, this case is an advanced one, which is pretty rare, especially in this area.

Who is the victim?

So far we do not have many details, however Jason Whisler, Emergency Management Director for the City of Borger declared that “”We do know he is an elderly person who does reside in Hutchinson County.” Officials are still trying to find out how did he get infected since it is important to know if the man received the virus in the county, or outside it.

We also know that this case is a serious one and the patient has various West Nile symptoms. “Statistically about 20%of people who are infected with West Nile get symptoms such as West Nile fever. About 150 of those develop into more neurological issues, which is what has been reported to us. So it’s gotten fairly advanced with this one.” said Whisler. ”

The town is taking precautions

The city is determined to stop the West Nile virus and the best way to do that is to get rid of the insects and the filth. Mosquito repellent is sprayed in the places that have standing water. “Trash bash is about a week-long kick-off project where we just encourage the community to get rid of the debris and stuff that’s cluttered around their houses or in their alleys, especially old tires which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.”

“We have stepped up some of that vector control around the public schools here in town and also around the nursing homes [and] assisted living centers where the elderly are because they’re more susceptible to West Nile symptoms,” added Whisler.


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