How to Stay Away from Tick Diseases this Summer

How to Stay Away from Tick Diseases this Summer

With summer just around the corner, the season to lounge in nature is upon us but so will be ticks if we are not careful enough. With around 300,000 people getting Lyme disease from ticks on a yearly basis in the United States, we hope that our tips will help stay far away from ticks.

Ways to get rid of ticks

When it comes to ticks people usually try to either up their personal protection or try to alter the environment that they are in. So far there is no evidence which would suggest that one method is better than the other.

One of the first tips that we can give you is that you should groom your landscape around your home so that you do not have tall grass or bushes around which can house these ticks. Since people now want to get more in touch with nature, some have decided to add barberry to their gardens. Yes, it is pretty but it will also house ticks so we suggest that you remove it or just do not plant it altogether.

Now if you want to take an extra step on the path to safety we can suggest that you try and use pesticides that specifically target mice and chipmunks. We do not encourage you killing them but there are specific tubes on the market that you can place on your yard. Mice will go in and take some of the cotton stuffed in that tube and use I or their nests, the cotton being soaked in a solution that is meant to reduce the number of infected mice. However, there are mixed results for this method and it is not very cost effective.

Last but not least, we recommend that you treat your yard with an acaricide that is specifically made to target ticks. However, we warn you that these are also quite expensive and we do not recommend that you apply them on your own, its best that you call a professional exterminator.

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